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The wet season in the Kimberley is a magical time. It offers a unique experience for visitors to the region, one that is very different from the peak tourist time in the dry season.

Kununurra is at the heart of the East Kimberley. Surrounded by waterways, it is fitting that the name Kununurra derives from the local Aboriginal word for river. The town provides a perfect location for visiting the gorges and waterfalls that come to life in the wet season.

Why the wet season?

In the wet season, the region comes to life with the tropical rains. The red dirt washes away; everything becomes green and lush, flowers bloom, the green tree frogs and other wildlife come out of their hibernation and the waterholes begin to fill.

Officially the wet season runs from October through to March, but there are two distinct parts. First is the ‘build up’, from October to December, when big fluffy clouds fill the sky bringing electrical storms and dramatic lightning displays. Then from January to March is the ‘monsoon' period bringing with it the heavy rains.

Visiting the waterfalls

Although there are plenty of waterfalls that flow year-round, the wet season is the best time visit.

Many of the rock pools and springs disappear in the dry season but after the rains, the springs begin to flow and the pools refill. That is why this time of year is also referred to as the waterfall season.

After the heavy rains, many of the roads are only accessible by four-wheel drive, so be prepared to go on an adventure. But you will be rewarded with secluded gorges and swimming holes where you can take a refreshing dip while taking in the magnificent scenery.

Or, for a different perspective, take a scenic flight. You can marvel at the vastness of the landscape and view the remote cattle stations and communities of the East Kimberley.

Mitchell Plateau and Falls is one popular place to visit in the wet. The spectacular multi-tiered waterfall is inaccessible by road when at their peak water capacity, so the only way to see them is by air.

Staying in Kununurra

Kununurra Country Club Resort is centrally located and provides a perfect base to explore the magical East Kimberley. Our knowledgeable staff can inform you of the local waterfalls and help you with choosing and booking tours. [link to 3 reasons article]

When you’re planning your holiday to the East Kimberley, consider visiting in the wet season to witness the spectacular waterfalls. You will not be disappointed!

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