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Author: Cal McLean Date posted:

Are you travelling to Kununurra for business? With so much to see and do in Australia’s stunning northwest, make sure you set some time aside for a bit of sightseeing.

When it comes to Kununurra, everything up here is a sightseeing destination, especially in the wet season. However, the famous destinations worth seeing are really worth seeing.

From Lake Argyle and Elephant Rock to more waterfalls than you can realistically chase, so much of Kununurra is a work of fine art in real life.

Let’s take a look at the best sightseeing destinations in Kununurra.

Chase some waterfalls

Did you know that Kununurra means “meeting of big water” in the local Aboriginal language?

Whether it’s Middle Springs, Black Rock Falls, Molly Springs, The Grotto, or so many more, there’s no shortage of stunning waterfalls to explore in Kununurra.

Cruise the Ord River and Lake Argyle

There’s nothing quite like taking a cruise along the breathtaking Lake Argyle or Ord River.

A truly unique environment, the Ord River is a fascinating part of Kununurra and a vital waterway for the northwest’s agricultural sector.

Whether you want to cruise the Ord River at sunset or during the day and enjoy a riverside lunch, there’s no wrong way to explore what this incredible river offers.

Once you’ve explored the Ord River, why not check our Lake Argyle? A freshwater lake formed by the damming of the Ord River, Lake Argyle is home to a diverse and unique marine environment.

Take a dip at Emma Gorge

Who doesn’t love a swim? The only thing better than a refreshing dip is a refreshing dip in a stunning location, and Emma Gorge is just about as stunning as locations come.

Ivanhoe Crossing

If you’re looking to get the adrenaline pumping a little bit, making the pilgrimage across Ivanhoe Crossing is an absolute must when you’re in Kununurra.

While we wouldn’t recommend having a dip in the waters surrounding Ivanhoe Crossing, it’s a great place to drop a line and try your luck with some of the local barramundi.

Bask in the view from Kelly’s Knob Lookout

For those of us who love a good sunrise and sunset, you can’t do much better than Kelly’s Knob Lookout.

Kelly’s Knob Lookout is located just a few kilometres outside of town and offers a 360-degree view of Kununurra. Whether you’re looking to check out the Ord River, Lake Kununurra, Elephant Rock, or the Kununurra Township itself, you can see it all from Kelly’s Knob lookout.

Mirima National Park

Often referred to as the ‘mini Bungle Bungles’ or Hidden Valley, you’ll find Mirima National Park just a few minutes from the heart of Kununurra.

Stretch your legs and get a bit of exercise by exploring one of the stunning walks within the park.

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